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  • Is Vanesa an NZQA accredited trainer?

Yes. Vanesa is accredited as an NZQA assessor and can run training for the certificate in first line management (level 4), however, Vanesa has identified that much of her work needs to be highly practical, tactile learning, because many of her participants do not respond well to written tests. Because of this, it can be more productive to move away from the prescribed NZQA written format to accommodate different levels of literacy and understanding.

  • But half my guys can’t speak English very well. Is this woman ever likely to understand their world?

Vanesa has proven success with adapting her modules so that everybody understands and benefits. She also has a strong commitment to respecting the cultural values of those with whom she works.

  • Can Training really improve productivity at the factory floor level?

If your staff are too scared to speak up when communicating with management then all sorts of problems arise. It also limits what you can ask your team to do. Can you ever be sure they have fully understood what is required of them?
Vanesa’s training will teach effective communication skills to staff so that they can deal constructively with both their managers and fellow team members.

  • I am worried that we will get some training programme that has little or no understanding of our unique work environment.

Vanesa never undertakes training without conducting a comprehensive scope of your requirements. She best matches the needs of the organisation with the learning styles of the trainees.