Community & Health Sector

One on One Supervision

New skills, better results - VV Training gets a clear scope of what a client’s needs are on a personal level and how those needs affect their functioning. Those needs are then examined within different contexts such as the workplace and with other clients. Much of the emphasis is on ‘role development’ and developing internal role functioning. Whilst one-on-one supervision may sound as if it is wholly designed to benefit the individual, there are clear benefits to organisations in terms of professional relationships, team functioning, and productivity.

Areas covered:

Personal issues

  • internal conflict
  • dealing with lack of confidence, performance anxiety etc
  • personal identity blocks.

Interpersonal issues:

  • managing staff performance
  • boundary setting
  • learning how to hold authority in ‘tricky’ situations
  • developing people professionally while maintaining effective boundaries.

Practical easily applied strategies for anyone committed to the professional and personal growth that underpins good business outcomes.


VV Training discusses with the supervisee what their learning objectives / critical issues are. A tool kit of new approaches is developed with the client and worked through over an agreed period of time.

The approach that is agreed upon may well include some excerpts from the following training modules eg. Go Forward Communication; Coach to Grow; Motivational Overhaul; Conflict to Concord; Essentially Assertive.

"Vanesa provides individual supervision / mentoring to members of staff. The positive outcomes of this are clearly evident in the personal and professional growth of these individuals. Managers will often recommend that members of their staff who are ‘stuck;’ engage with Vanesa for a number of sessions or ongoing supervision."
Lorna Murray
General Manager
Challenge Trust