Community & Health Sector

Case Studies

Great Potentials
(formerly known as the Pacific Foundation)

Over the last five years Great Potentials have used VV at least once a year to do specific skills training for the staff of HIPPY (Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters) programmes.


  • To develop professionalism amongst tutors, many of who were new to the workforce
  • To design training specifically for the needs of the HIPPY, as determined by Great Potentials needs
  • Many totally original workshops resulted, such as ‘Developing as a Professional’. This topic emerged from the need to train female staff to work as para-professional tutors, which requires them to work in a professional manner. The training assisted the women from HIPPY to gain insight into what they needed to do to develop their professionalism. From there they could create an achievable plan

The challenges here were:

  • A highly multicultural group - it was important to ensure the work wasn’t ethnocentric
  • As it was a large group of 50, training needed to be designed and facilitated in a way that made it meaningful for everyone
  • Many of the women were new to the work force, and consequently in this situation for the first time
  • The training also needed to be designed in a way that professional coordinators, who are responsible for the tutors in their workplace could continue to work with individuals once the training was complete

Outcome for Great Potentials:

  • Cost effective training as they only had to employ one trainer for 50 people
  • Immediate changes in individuals functioning in the workplace as a result of this training
  • Training is also reinforced by middle and upper management many of which Vanesa sees for regular 1:1 supervision

Edge Employment
Edge Employment assists people with disabilities into paid employment.

Vanesa completed monthly group supervision and fully briefed team building days with Edge Employment. She also carried out one-to-one supervision when required. This was used to support performance management processes. In a confidential one-to-one environment an individual was assisted to build their confidence in order to achieve new performance management goals.


  • To build on achievements from any preceding team building days
  • Create an openness / willingness amongst the team towards monthly supervision
  • To create a supervision environment that elicited problem solving, conflict resolution and reflection on learning in a progressive way


  • Many of Edge Employment staff were from recruiting backgrounds and for some, the concept of supervision was both new and slightly intimidating
  • There was great diversity amongst the team in terms of experience, age, ethnicity and confidence. This required flexibility in terms of how the concept of supervision was presented
  • There was no ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching and supervision. A variety of techniques needed to be employed to get everyone reading off the same page and developing consistency

Outcomes for Edge after VV Training:

  • Skills and experience shared across the team
  • Better communication across a broad spectrum of organisational levels
  • More empathy within the team which in turn led to less conflict.
  • Staff retention - issues resolved, staff were affirmed and built up
  • Easier organisational development facilitated because the team as working in unity and interpersonal issues did not interfere with other development processes