Community & Health Sector

Team Supervision

Team supervision ensures the team is working harmoniously and that everyone is “pulling the cart in the same direction”. It does things like:

  • Harness the experience and wisdom in the group to teach new group members how to manage specific work situations
  • Improve interpersonal dynamics between group members and clients
  • Reinforce organisational values and expectations
  • Examine ‘blocks’ in communication between team members and/or clients
  • Develop skillful communication and sound professional boundaries
  • Build and affirm progressive functioning.

The training is carried out with teams on an ongoing basis, as frequently as required.

Some examples of areas covered:

  • Developing appropriate responses for complicated situations
  • Deconstructing organisational issues - getting progressive responses
  • Dealing with conflict, learning ways to raise difficult issues within the team


VV Training discusses with the group what their learning objectives / critical issues are. A tool kit of new approaches is developed with the group members and worked through over an agreed period of time.

The approach that is agreed upon may well include some excerpts from the following training modules eg. Go Forward Communication; Coach to Grow; Motivation Overhaul; Conflict to Concord; Essentially Assertive.