Community & Health Sector

Role Training for People Who Participate in teams

What roles do we have that are overdeveloped, what roles are underdeveloped? The participant identifies what they want to work on and, through a variety of techniques, develops a new way of functioning. Drawing on Vanesa’s psychodrama training much of this learning takes place in ‘action’ on your feet.

Some of the common areas of role development:

  • Fear of authority
  • Being authoritative
  • Setting boundaries
  • Understanding others' motivations
  • Career planning
  • Saying ‘No’ and sticking to it!
  • Finding the next step to productive change

The training is carried out with teams on an ongoing basis, as frequently as required.

The group is an integral element of this training and they are involved in developing new functioning with the facilitator.

Role Training provided on request. A minimum of 7 participants required

Quotes from group participants:

"This method was totally new to me and I was very skeptical at first, however I’ve fully developed myself being part of the group and learning / developing what I have."
Simon Hughes

"I valued being met where I was at the same time as being gently (but not yawningly gently) challenged to move into new functioning"
Ronnie Marwitz

"Thing I valued most was a sence of growing in & out of myself."
Jan Heath

"I am more confident and feel more in control in situations I historically felt no control over."
Avril Mc Kinnon

"I love the fact that adequate is more important than perfect - very freeing"
Linda Groenewegn

"Doing this kind of work enables me to be more relaxed and always gives me energy and enthusiasm about ALL aspects of life. It improves relationships and helps me to focus more."
Lynne Vennard

"I enjoyed developing a strong role of saying ‘Yes’ to myself"
Margaret Fitzgibbon

"I feel significantly less anxious when in meetings or moments of conflicting contact with others, both at work and at home"
Sharon Kerisome