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What VV Training Can Do For You

  • Teach Team Leaders how to create a team that takes initiative and sorts out problems on the factory floor
  • Give your staff the confidence and skills to speak up and present an opinion in meetings
  • Increase productivity by creating Team Leaders who can delegate and motivate
  • Reduce down time by creating teams that aren’t afraid of speaking to ‘higher ups’
  • Prepare your staff for other specialised training or NZQA modules
  • Teach your leading hands how to get specialised training and pass the information on to others on the factory floor
  • Keep your organisation safe from liability or accidents with harassment prevention training; managing your staff’s stress
Problems / Solutions Matrix


Safety committee staff who aren’t committed to health and safety and don’t speak up in meetings or staff who don’t speak up when they are in meetings with ‘higher ups’


any or all of the following modules could help:

“We initiated a program of communication training that we ran over an extended period. Vanesa persisted until the barriers came down and now the committee is learning and operating at a much higher level. Importantly there is now competition to get on the committee and be part of the training.”
Ian Yates
Manufacturing Manager, Tip Top Ice Cream Company Ltd.