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Case Studies

Maskell Productions

The broad objective of the training was to improve the intra-factory floor communication skills of key staff and Leading Hands, in an environment that contained varying levels of 1st and 2nd English language speakers.


  • VV training provided an environment that was inclusive and non-threatening by working with all groups in the staff café located above the factory
  • To work successfully with employees for who English is a second language. VV training ran the training in two groups, fluent and non-fluent speakers of English. An interpreter was used from the fluent group to assist the non-fluent

Short two-hour sessions to minimise down time on the factory floor and to accommodate the varying learning styles of the guys in the groups

Outcomes for Maskell:

  • Team bonding through participation
  • Talent spotting - identifying workers with potential for promotion
  • Less conflict through improved communication skills
  • Better understanding and communication has led to improved quality and productivity
  • Tapping the collective intellectual property of the team for continuous improvement Opportunities. Good ideas are coming from everywhere
  • The training experience increased willingness and learning up take for further training

Outcomes for Staff:

  • Increased confidence to speak to ‘higher ups’
  • Improved relationships with coworkers and managers

Tip Top Team Ice Cream Company Ltd Leader Training


The training worked to build the following skill sets amongst Team Leaders:

  • Coaching and motivating teams
  • Delegation skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Building ‘real respect’ vs ‘fear respect’


Vanesa needed to deal with some real resistance to traditional learning methods. This was achieved through action oriented learning - lots of theatre sports, tactile learning and fun competitive learning games. This assisted workers to make the transition from the factory environment to a learning environment.

Participants were from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Training required sensitivity around allowing the group to succeed when cultural mores prevented the individual from being the star.

Outcomes for Tip Top:

  • Reduced down time - employees became skilled and confident enough to initiate problem solutions
  • Better interhierachical communication - less fear, more skills
  • Staff retention - better leadership = more stable teams
  • Staff who had inherent initiative now confident to act on that initiative

Tip Top Ice Cream Company Ltd Safety Committee Training


  • Speaking up in meetings
  • Skills to present rational coherent arguments for change
  • Instil pride and enthusiasm for their role on the committee


  • Motivating team members to be a part of this aspect of the business
  • Developing their sense of relevance around health and safety issues
  • Dealing with employees who are shy about new learning

Outcomes for Tip Top:

  • Productive and inclusive health and safety meetings
  • Post training staff were asking to be on the Health and Safety committee.

Outcomes for Employees

  • Improved communication skills
  • Greater ownership around initiatives that are there to assist them
  • Confidence to participate in other aspects of the business.