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Client Testimonials

"We initiated a program of Communication Training that ran over an extended period. Vanesa persisted until the barriers came down and now the committee is learning and operating at a much higher level. Importantly there is now competition to get on the committee and be part of the training."

Ian Yates
Manufacturing Manager
Tip Top Ice Cream Company

"Vanesa’s style of training worked well on our employees. They caught on well with what Vanesa was saying and were able to retain the information and ideas she put forward as well as put them into good practice on the shop floor."

Phil Johnston
Factory Manager
Maskell Productions Ltd.

"Vanesa tailored the content of the Building Leadership training to the expectations we had and was extremely competent in reflecting our expectations in the programme she prepared. As a trainer her style is very engaging and highly interactive."

Elizabeth Briggs
0rganisational Development Manager
Tip Top Ice Cream Company

"Vanesa’s Interview Skills training with employees who had been made redundant, at Top Hat was top rate. She is a creative, diligent and positive trainer and course designer and deals expertly with people."

Mitch Harris
Managing director

"Impressive preparation. Developed good rapport with the team…pleasantly challenged our thinking to ensure our desired end result was met…wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vanesa’s training to further clients."

Kirsty Giles
Plant Manager
Tip Top Ice Cream Ltd

"Excellent Team Building event. A lot of fun and created a great atmosphere. Everyone spoke highly of the event."

Traci White
Event Coordinator
Plyco Doors

"The Team Building session was excellent, and also fun. The outcome was achieved really well, there have been many positive comments since."

Allison Quesnel
General Manager

“Vanesa has a style which does not require traditional classroom learning techniques. This has been a key attribute in breaking down the barriers of cynicism, which often threaten to derail and disrupt traditional communication and leadership training."

Ian Yates
Manufacturing Manager
Tip Top Ice Cream Company Limited.

“From the first contact it was easy to get our goals across and to come up with a plan"

Douglas Ashby
Maskell Productions Ltd.